NeuroTrigger develops the next generation powered muscle re-education system. This wearable and lightweight system is composed of a a rechargeable stimulator and a pre-gelled Y-shaped electrode, easily connected by a magnetic flap. Electrical pulses are generated in the stimulator and transmitted to the body through the electrodes, eliciting repeated contracting of muscles. Re-educating muscles (anywhere in the body, including musculature of the face) is important for improving or facilitating muscle performance for either maintaining or increasing muscle’s range of motion and  prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy.

A unique mobile phone application communicates with the wearable stimulator via Bluetooth communication, enabling the user, care giver or technician to monitor stimulator status and, where permitted adjust various parameters.

Neurotrigger’s patent pending technology won several prestigious grants from the Israeli Innovation Authority (IIA).

The system